This is a list of the participants of the Paducah Internet Exchange; others are pending, join today!

NameASNIPv4 (/26)IPv6 (/64)
The Fire Horn, Inc.39779523.154.112.102602:802:b0ff::10
Quad State Internet39978823.154.112.112602:802:b0ff::11
ISC F-Root2731923.154.112.122602:802:b0ff::12
Metro Fiber40065623.154.112.132602:802:b0ff::13
eTel LLC1197023.154.112.142602:802:b0ff::14
Adamo Creative3196823.154.112.152602:802:b0ff::15
IX Route Server64802*

* Route Server is operated in Private ASN Space – If a network must peer with a Public ASN, Quad State Internet (AS399788) will peer and re-announce routes to all other PaducahIX peers.

† Members without an ASN are networks in development that have applied or are anticipated to become Autonomous Systems in the near future. Paducah IX offers free consulting to networks and other network operators to assist in the establishment of operating independent networks.

Paducah Internet Exchange will eventually obtain a public ASN to run its Route Server once necessary; peers are also encouraged to setup direct peering.