This is a list of the participants of the Paducah Internet Exchange; others are pending, join today!

NameASNIPv4 (/26)IPv6 (/64)
The Fire Horn, Inc.39779523.154.112.102602:802:b0ff::10
Quad State Internet39978823.154.112.112602:802:b0ff::11
ISC F-Root2731923.154.112.122602:802:b0ff::12
Metro Fiber40065623.154.112.132602:802:b0ff::13
eTel LLC1197023.154.112.142602:802:b0ff::14
IX Route Server64802*
* Route Server is operated in Private ASN Space – If a network must peer with a Public ASN, Quad State Internet (AS399788) will peer and re-announce routes to all other PaducahIX peers.

Paducah Internet Exchange will eventually obtain a public ASN to run its Route Server once necessary; peers are also encouraged to setup direct peering.