What’s an Internet Exchange?

Better Internet – Community Development – Local Traffic

When you make a video call to someone, and you’re both in Paducah, your Internet traffic may be routing through Atlanta, Nashville, Lexington, and more if you aren’t both on the same local network. An Internet Exchange changes this!

An Internet Exchange gives network operators a platform to trade traffic without having to be routed through the Internet to reach each other, avoiding very long geographical winding path that is sometimes very unreliable.

This means more of the Internet stays local. Networks of all sizes join Internet Exchanges, meaning popular services become more accessible to local ISPs. That means less stuttering and faster bits!

In the long run, Internet Exchanges have the potential to add value and notoriety to an area, facilitating and attracting local data centers, business development, and attracting other development. The possibility of reliable super high speed Internet to web surfers works best where the data is right around the corner!

About Paducah IX

The Paducah Internet Exchange (Also known as Paducah IX or PIE) is the first Internet Exchange in the Paducah, Kentucky area. Paducah IX allows operators of networks close the the Paducah region to exchange traffic directly with each other without having to route traffic through the Internet.

This allows Internet Service Providers, Enterprises, and other entities running networks with an Autonomous System Number (ASN) and IP Address Space registered with a Regional Internet Registry (RIR) to directly come together in one carrier-neutral location.

Participation for new networks is free of charge, through we are always welcoming of those who may be able to donate equipment to run the exchange, or Layer 2 transport that will allow others to more easily join.

The exchange is ran by Quad State Internet, LLC. as a community engagement and development project.